C.I. FUTURA INTERNATIONAL LTDA. is a Colombian company founded in 1994, devoted to marketing,  import, and export of agricultural products, such as seeds, sprouts, aromatic, medicinal and spice herbs, as well as fresh and dehydrated herbs and extracts, and essential oils. It also supplies tropical flowers and foliage.

To become a company that/which  responds with quality to the overall trading environment and market needs, offering alternatives to the international trade, to accomplish reasonable earnings to the benefit of companies within the  agriculture sector dealing with above mentioned products in Colombia.

To supply our customers with quality products and services to satisfy their needs and expectations.

To provide alternatives for agricultural solutions according to the environment, and to satisfy customers.

To commercialize agricultural products in Colombia as well as in foreign countries to fully  satisfy our customers’ needs.

To generate an economic retribution for our employees and stockholders.